Youth 21 Century (DOC, App, Tv Program)

1. Pakistan’s 65% population comprises of young generation, averagely below 35 years of age. Therefore our policy making institutions, teachers and parents should provide such environment and equal opportunities to young generation with a mission of progress and prosperity of the nation. 

2. If such types of measures are not taken then this young force along with their motivation and mission will get diverted to non-progressive and destructive directions and can produce devastating and destructive results to the nation. 

3. Therefore keeping an eye on this situation, Catalyst Consultants have designed a comprehensive program for the youth naming “Youth 21Century”(Youth Support Program) for the development and capacity building of nation. 

4. This program comprises Main event, Documentary movie, Youth 21Century Mobile App and TV Programs. By utilizing benefits of this program we will not only engage potential and abilities of youth but also motivates others to follow.

5. Some of the unique features of Mobile App are given below.

     Youth Talent Hunting.

        Youth Counseling.

     Youth Character Building through Short Films & Lectures.

6. To make this App popular among youth, scientifically promotional campaign will be run through schools, colleges and universities so that we can create solid base for greater Nation building cause.